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Why Annatto Tocotrienols?

It is a well-known fact that not Tocopherols, but Tocotrienols, especially Delta-Tocotrienols (Eannatto – DeltaGold), are the right form of Vitamin E. Over 100 studies, research, and clinical trials have shown the incredible benefits of Tocotrienol without any side effects! The studies have shown that Tocotrienols can perform amazing feet in helping to lower lipids, protecting the liver, killing cancer cells, reducing inflammation, increasing cardiovascular health, and even increasing survival rates in cancer patients.

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Dr. Barrie Tan is the World’s most prominent expert and researcher of Vitamin E, who has been credited for the discovery of one of the most potent supplements of all time, the Tocotrienol! He has discovered them in three sources – Palm, Rice, and Annatto.

What are Tocotrienols?

Vitamin E is a family of eight fat-soluble molecules, split into two groups, Tocopherols and Tocotrienols. Each group contains four molecules: Delta, Gamma, Alpha, and Beta form. Several studies have shown that Delta-Tocotrienol (DeltaGold – Eannatto) are the most potent forms of Vitamin E. Tocotrienols have also been observed to possess antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and several other incredible properties as such… Read More

Where do they come from?

As discovered by Dr. Barrie Tan, the three major sources of Tocotrienols include Rice, Palm, and Annatto. Unlike Rice and Palm, Tocotrienols derived from the seeds of the Annatto plant are 100% pure and completely free from Tocopherols. Also, Tocopherols have been observed to interfere with the functions and benefits of Tocotrienols. Annatto is the only source of 100% pure Tocotrienols… Read More

Health Benefits of Tocotrienol

Delta-Tocotrienol (Eannatto-DeltaGold) has been observed to have miraculous properties like the ability to lower inflammation, lowering lipids, hindering cancer growth, enhancing cardiovascular health, protecting the liver, preventing cataract, promoting bone health, and so on… Read All Health Benefits of Tocotrienol

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Tocotrienol Study on Overian Cancer

Powerful Vitamin-E Supplement

Extracted from Rare Annatto beans

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Natural Tocopherol Free Softgel

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