Important Facts that you should know about Tocotrienols for Cancer

According to the studies, prove that the tocotrienols form of vitamin E is a top choice for cardiovascular protection and heart health. A recent review of tocotrienols science points out that they are also being researched for the benefits of bone health, blood metabolism, brain health, and many more disease. Tocotrienols offer a safe and actual way to help achieve and maintain healthy cholesterol, while simultaneously protecting your arteries. It is worthwhile to understand more about them and how they can improve your health.

The vitamin E family consists of 4 tocotrienols (alpha, beta, gamma, and delta) – play a very important role in your life. Apart from being a more strong anti-oxidants than regular vitamin E, tocotrienols have several other functions that regular vitamin does not possess. Many experts say a dosage between 10mg to 50mg per day is the most beneficial of Tocotrienols. However, we need to remember that it is very vital to take this nutrient with fats, and also, try to take the nutrient after a meal.

Most of the people used Tocotrienols for Cancer because it is mostly used for cancer prevention. Tocotrienols also used for tumor cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and other types of cancer as well. 


Tumor Growth: In order for a tumor to grow beyond 1 to 2 mm diameter, it needs some sort of independent blood supply. Without this, the cancer tumor cannot the extent and tumor growth stops. The creation of new blood vessels is termed angiogenesis. Tumors are able to release growth factors that initiate angiogenesis which causes existing blood vessels to create new ‘branches’ that supply the tumor with blood vessels. Studies have shown that one mechanism in which tocotrienols uses to prevent the cancer metastasis is angiogenesis inhibition.

Breast Cancer: Breast cancer ranks second as the reason of cancer death in the woman. Each year an estimated 275000 new cases and approximately 41,000 deaths occur in the United States. Standard breast cancer involves the drugs, tamoxifen have its inherent risk. Long term treatment with the drugs increase women chances of developing a serious health problem, endometrial cancer and clots in the lungs. Several studies have been done, tocotrienol’s ability to treat breast cancer. 

Prostate Cancer: Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among men in the United States and the third most common cause of cancer death among men. According to the studies, Gamma tocotrienols is not only reduced the size of the tumor but also decreased the incidents rate of the tumor formation by 75%. 

Other Cancer: Palm oil of tocotrienols also reduced cervical cancer in vitro. An in vivo and in vitro study also showed the suppression of liver and lung carcinogenesis in mice. Also, Gamma- and delta-tocotrienol was also shown to inhibit melanoma cancer cells in vitro.

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