Major Benefits of Tocotrienols for Cancer

Before discussing about the tocotrienol, we will first be discussing tocotrienol as a nutrient.

Tocotrienols belong to one or two groups of molecules of vitamin E family. There is a group of tocotrienols is also known as a tocols.

There are four natural tocotrienols called alpha, beta, gamma, and delta. They also have an unsaturated isopronoid or farnesyl side chain with three double bonds. Most of the vitamin E that one normally purchases at a local store, grocery store, or even many health stores, are often made using a cheap, synthetic version of alpha-tocopherol.

The main benefits of tocotrienols for cancer that are explained below:

For many years, studies of vitamin E produced inconsistent results regarding its effectiveness for cancer. It is now, though that is inconsistently was likely due to the widespread use of alpha-tocopherols alone in such as studies. We know that alpha-tocopherol has a weak anticancer, while tocotrienol is more potent cancer-preventive agents.

In a recent finding that stunned researchers, tocotrienols supplementation was found to dramatically extend the life span of mice with pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is among the most aggressive and deadly human cancer, with survival time typically counted only in months. According to the 2013 study, it showed that after sixteen weeks of treatments, just 10% of placebo-treated mice remained alive, while 30% survived in a group treated with the gemcitabine, a standard chemotherapy drug. However, an extraordinary 70% of mice had survived in the tocotrienol group. Tocotrienols are the eventually multi-targeting nutrient when it comes to cancer. Their actions affect virtually every step in the progression of cancer.

Propose of the mechanism of tocotrienols for cancer prevention:

Tocotrienols impact the several factors that tumor need for their development and their growth.Tocotrienols have been shown to inhibit the growth of new blood vessels to rapidly growing tumors and inhibit the growth and proliferation of cancer cells. Also, it sensitizes the cancer cells to the effects of standard chemotherapy and contributes to cancer recurrences. They also blunt the effect of chemical carcinogens in animal studies.Tocotrienols also trigger apoptosis, which is programmed dead the cancer cell that can prevent a tumor from ever getting a toe-hold in the body. Apoptosis is also vital in shrinking existing tumors, a factor that may account growing use of tocotrienols inpatient with exciting cancer.The other benefits of tocotrienols are that it has antioxidants properties; they help to prevent protein oxidation and lipid peroxidation as well. Whilst they are similar to tocopherols, they do tend to be slightly better for the body because of the difference in chemical structure.Overall tocotrienols are the best for the body and they are vital if you want to stay as healthy as possible. They can even help to lower the blood pressure, which is a major concern for many people these days. So if you want to look younger, have better protection against cancer, strokes and high blood pressure or if you would like to reverse arteriosclerosis, and then assure that your diet includes plenty of tocotrienols.

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